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A view from the Chair – Happy Talk

A view from the Chair – Happy Talk

Posted 06-10-2017

As is often the case when I am short of time and slow of thinking, so yes most months to be honest, I have found myself flicking through last October’s column for inspiration.

I note that I was reflecting on the continuing fall out (in every sense of the words) from Brexit, together with the then imminent U.S. election, and they both remain topical. I suppose the best that can be said, a year down the road, is that neither has caused the end of the world.


It is of course party-season for the politicos and Brexit has been high on the agenda. The Lib-Dems want to have a referendum on the final agreement, an interesting notion but one that would require a general election, one in which they were improbably successful, to secure.

Labour, despite being an internationalist movement have to support Brexit as huge numbers of their members decided that they would rather do without the first syllable of that description.

The Tory conference is only just starting as I write this, so I don’t know what they are going to say but in the run-up it would seem that Manchester will not be United.

Am I the only one that thinks that all of the above wish the referendum result had been very different?

Many would assume that, a year on, our American cousins might have a similar view of their ballot but it would seem not, no matter what the President says or does (or does not do). I am uncertain if this says more about him or less about those who elected him.

Meanwhile back in 1066 country we have the proposal for the Old Town Marina. As a Chamber we are naturally excited by this, although for the life of me I cannot see how they can physically make it work with the current infrastructure-which is nigh on impossible to alter without  destroying the very environment that makes it so attractive.

In the words of Rodgers & Hammerstein ‘You got to have a dream’. Without that we wouldn’t have the pier, so it is apposite that the October Chamber meeting will be taking place there and the main topic will be the Marina proposals.

The words of the titular song, from South Pacific,  were sung by a character called Bloody Mary. I guess if the world does go  pop we could always resort to a few of those.

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