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A view from the Chair: Reasons to be Cheerful

A view from the Chair: Reasons to be Cheerful

Posted 03-08-2017

As I write this I am about to embark on my summer hols, so am checking various lists and thought I would compile just one more,  albeit one that consists of duff ideas.
History is of course littered with such ideas.  Douglas Adams coined the phrase ’10 out of 10 for style but minus several million for good thinking’ but here are a few recent ones that spring to mind. Even Mrs G, who I swear is from outer space, and thus views everything – especially my actions – from a  different perspective, would scratch her head at most of these.
Coming down from a mountain, Moses-like and deciding to call an election.
One mad president lobbing test missiles at another mad president.
Whilst marking the centenary of Passchendaele, turning our backs on an institution that, for all its faults, has helped maintain peace in Europe for over 70 years.
A public funded broadcasting company paying different salaries based on a person’s sex.
Any company paying different salaries based solely on a person’s sex.
Changing the ingredients of our favourite chocolate bars, and making them smaller for the same money.
Pippa M getting married.
Promising to pay off student debt to get votes and then changing your mind.
And in my case, heading off to Iceland on holiday when a large volcanic eruption is expected at any time.
I am of course a person famous for his glass being half-full (especially if it contains a wee bit of falling-down water) so am going to list a few of the really good ideas of recent times.
Nope I’ve got nothing.
Oh no, hang on a moment……….
Until next month, lava permitting.

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