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A view from the Chair: Game of Thrones

A view from the Chair: Game of Thrones

Posted 07-07-2017

Imagine a world. A world made up of Kingdoms, where various houses compete to rule. They crave power and there is little they will not do to gain it –and to then cling on to it.

Everything in the Kingdom was progressing steadily, not great but stable (and strong enough), when it was thought a chance existed to strengthen the hand on the Throne. However the gamble proved disastrous and the lands descended into chaos as the people fell in behind a variety of leaders.

In the cast of characters there is the woman who would rule if only the men around her would let her. But her craving for power does not perhaps match her ability to rule. Indeed it is she that precipitated the chaos.

Then there is the Mother of Dragons whose dragons are a wee bit short of puff. She might still have influence in time, but at present is more worried about her soldiers speaking her mother tongue so they can follow the road signs, for all the good it will do them in the wider kingdom.

North of the Great Wall lies an army of ghostly skeletal figures and wildlings. Enough said.

And gaining ascendency is a Grey Lord. Many cannot decide if he is a deliverer or a great deceiver. A lion or a wolf in sheep’s clothing? He offers new hope to the downtrodden who wish to rise up. But at what cost, and is it a cost that can be paid? A new dawn or into the night? And of course the night is dark and full of terrors.

Meanwhile the woman who would rule concludes a pact with Emerald forces who will extract a high price for their support. But in desperate times for her what else can she do? The Grey Lord could win victory in the coming months, all she can hope is that the opprobrium of those who abhor her desire to hang on to power can be eroded by a twist in the tale yet to be revealed.

Of course all of the above is only a fantasy. If anybody was daft enough to try to get such tosh printed, let alone made into an award winning TV series, they would best be advised to get their bumps felt. Real life of course is totally different.

Maybe we should stick to Disney-the songs are far catchier, there are a few less beheadings, and everyone lives happily ever after.

P.S. Apologies to those who don’t follow Game of Thrones-you really should.

P.P.S. I am only on Series III, so apologies to aficionados.

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