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A view from the Chair – And the winner is?

A view from the Chair – And the winner is?

Posted 31-05-2017

Right, here we are, when you read this we will be less than a week away from the election. At the time of writing it is eleven days away. We have, justifiably, been in a period of truce in regards to campaigning but it is guaranteed that the gloves will come off and the claws will be exposed for the run in (yes, yes I know claws would tear the gloves, and then be worn down by the running but you get my meaning).

The result was predicted as a forgone conclusion at the outset and despite the closing of the gap it is still suggested we will see a Tory victory. That may or may not be the case but it seems to me that, as was the case with the Euro referendum, we will have a significant proportion of the population dissatisfied with the outcome and as this election seems to have been based on the quite unseemly stance taken by all parties of ‘vote for me and I will give you this’ (as opposed to these are our policies, if you like them vote for us), it is quite possible that dissatisfaction could be expressed in ways that are unsavoury.

This could be particularly so in the divide between Scotland and England. I have from time to time written on this theme, and despite popular perception of my opinions I am probably more in tune with the Caledonian view of the world compared to the Little Englanders. The two countries play a footie match 10th June in a World Cup qualifier. Anyone fancy letting our future depend upon the result of the match, as England are clear favourites? No me neither.

Continuing thoughts on unsavoury behaviour, I do think the decision of parties to absent themselves from local constituencies in favour of pacts with other parties is loathsome. Firstly it simply isn’t cricket, we have a system and until changed that is the way it is-we vote for the party of our choice. To suggest that we should then transfer our vote to someone else so that some sort of alliance can be forged to thwart the result is an insult to the supporters of the party standing aside.  I don’t regard my point of view as a political one, it is a question of right and wrong and I can therefore state that I hope it misfires on any party taking part in such Johnny-Foreigner foul play.

I recall an adage that as a nation the British preferred to be ‘quietly governed’ and I still quite like that notion. Every five years (not two) we get to vote for the party of our choice with the silent instruction ‘don’t muck things up’. And every few elections we give another lot a chance, it’s only fair after all and it keeps them on their toes. Pretty much though we just want to get on with our lives and have our two weeks in the Dordogne every summer.

Come to think of it that might be the very reason so many people don’t take their chance to vote, they want to get on with their lives despite the politicians- but having said that it is now time to choose, I pray we choose wisely.

And as our American cousins so colourfully put it, ‘if you don’t vote don’t bitch’.

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