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A View from the Chair November

A View from the Chair November

Posted 30-11-2016

The Year of Living Dangerously

So a man walks into a bookie’s shop in January 2016 and says ‘I would like odds on the following please- Britain, well England & Wales, to vote to leave the EU, Donald Trump to become president of the U.S., Leicester City to be champions and Ed Balls to get beyond the first round of Strictly’. Chances are the bookie will have called for a straitjacket for the punter and told him to keep his money.

In the case of Brexit and Trump am I the only one to think that after hundreds of years trying to thrust democracy upon the world, often by force, that it is actually a rubbish idea?

Dangerous? Well Brexit is proving just that for the economy & Mr Hammond hardly allayed fears with his autumn statement. And Trump may well prove dangerous to the world. I don’t so much worry about him but the cronies he will be surrounding himself with are a different matter. When talking about the wall ‘You don’t see many illegal Mexicans in China’ might not actually have been said but it sums up the thinking.

And as for playing ‘ You can’t always get what you want’ by the Rolling Stones at his acceptance speech perhaps their ‘Biggest Mistake’ or ‘ Might as well get juiced’ would have been more apposite.

Of course we in 1066 country will stand firm, we have been turning defeat into victory for 950 years, although it would be nice if third parties stopped kicking us in the goolies once in a while.

For now, as the year end approaches, it only remains for me to wish you, in the words of those other rock & roll Gods of South London, a Wombling Merry Christmas.

I am asking Santa for a time machine. I might not be able to change what has happened this year but I would certainly place that ruddy bet.

Dominus Vobiscum.

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