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A view from the Chair October

A view from the Chair October

Posted 01-11-2016

As Time Goes By

So here we are, November has arrived, the evenings are no longer drawing in-they are simply dark- but as always the  clocks have gone back to make the dawn a little earlier.

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement will shortly be made and it will be interesting to see how he prevents a post-Brexit financial autumn and instead helps to engineer a bright economic new dawn. Fiddling with clocks (or deckchairs, yes I am getting every penny out of my metaphors this month) simply won’t do. No more ‘steady as she goes’ Mr Hammond, let’s see some revolutionary thinking on investment in infrastructure and business-releasing shackles on businesses and showing the world that the UK is the best place to invest.

If that involves Freedom of Movement well bring it on says I, if people want to work here-and pay tax that underpins Government investment-surely that is a good thing.

Talking of turning back the clock, seeing a Russian aircraft carrier steaming up the Channel (nice of them to celebrate Trafalgar Day, very few people here bother these days) certainly did that although by some accounts it is in such disrepair it was lucky to make it this far. It would have been a nice one for the honours board of the Lifeboat if she had ended up on our beach and we might even have been able to resurrect that favourite former pastime-Wrecking.

We have of course been taking advantage of our local history of late, marking the arrival of William and his troops from the Bay of The Somme (not that I am complaining, my lot came over with old Bill before deciding, for some unfathomable reason, to be Scottish) . As I have said before, for this area it is the defeat that keeps on giving and long may local cash registers ching as a result.

Of course Armistice Day is almost upon us. 100 years ago that blessed day was not in sight, no one realised it at the time but there were still 2 long years to go. The Battle of the Somme was just concluding and the hell of Passchendaele was still 8 months away and would not end until the following November.

When I heard tonight of people waiting in Asda for 45 minutes to pay for their goods,  allegedly due to a glitch in software failing to turn the clocks back, and the anger engendered, I could not help but wonder if any of those involved understand the meaning of perspective. Many residents of refugee camps, fleeing war and poverty, can only dream of such an inconvenience.

For those lovers of the titular song above, it would certainly appear that it has always been, and still is ‘The same old story, a fight for love and glory’ but maybe in future it can be more ‘do’ and less ‘do or die’.

Here’s looking at you.


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