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A view from the Chair August

A view from the Chair August

Posted 02-09-2016

clive-galbraith1-1Being on me Summer hols as what I am just now, I have to say the view from the Chair is nothing short of breathtaking.

Looking over the Athabasca Glacier in the Canadian Rockies never ceases to cause wonder. There is though a tinge of sadness when I see how far it has receded in the 16 years since I was first here. The guide tells us that it will be gone in 80 years which is a sobering thought.

Just along the valley there is the glacier ‘Sky Walk’ that juts out over the valley below. With its glass floor it is a testament to mankind’s engineering skills but is now officially on my ‘sod that for a game of soldiers’ list.

The Galbers is famed for many things but having a head for heights is not one of them . I was speeding around the edifice in the style of one of those walking-race wallahs when I was accosted at the very point of no return by an oriental gentleman who was politely insistent that I photograph him and his Mrs at the very edge. Being nothing if not obliging by nature I duly obliged but still reckon the interruption would not have prevented me setting an Olympic record for speed walking,

Of course Olympic records have been broken consistently these last few weeks. Full credit of course to all those that have over come obstacles and achieved sporting greatness but also let’s acknowledge what can be achieved by investment in potential to achieve results.

That has been a rallying call in 1066 country for more than a decade now with a sea change in outcomes and aspirations. Sitting at our campsite tonight I was chatting to a Canadian lady who had lived in Brighton some years ago. When we told her we were from Hastings she said, and I kid you not, ‘I hear great things about that area these days’.

I raise a glass of Canadian ale to you all.

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