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A view from the Chair June – Goodbye to all that

A view from the Chair June – Goodbye to all that

Posted 26-07-2016

They say a week is a long time in politics and as I have to submit this a week before you read it I have no idea, based on the events of the last seven days , quite what may have passed in the seven that will have elapsed. Surely they can’t have been quite so tumultuous?

A week is also a long time in the life of a housefly (about half its life, depending on whether it gets clubbed by a book first) but what wouldn’t I have given to be a fly on the wall of the various political parties these last few days.

We have gone from a nation, and an economy, that was actually doing ok thank you very much to a state of turmoil. Yes, none of us much liked the EU but it gave us someone to blame. Allegedly we are going to repeal huge swathes of regulation to set us free. Well call me a cynic but I will gladly give £10 to charity for every law or regulation that we revoke without replacing it with something broadly similar. I reckon it will cost me about ten quid.

Having said that I believe that the Government must act expeditiously to ensure that businesses are able to deal with the challenges ahead.  Make no mistake we are now in competition with Europe.  There is no point poncing around rearranging the deckchairs when decisive action must be taken. We need to be leaner, meaner, nimble and able to take quick decisions. Real breaks have to be put in place for businesses to attract investment, especially from overseas – we need to show that GB is a better bet than the EU.

Booker T Washington said that ‘we must reinforce argument with results’, well let’s get to it HMG.

The irony is of course that the EU may well reform now, without us. I wouldn’t put it beyond the French to organise that just to spite us!

One thing we may have learned from all this is that holding referendums is not such a great idea. Churchill said that the ‘best argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter’ and having sat through weeks of vox pop I am in total agreement with him.

Am I totally downcast? No, my deplorable excess of personality doesn’t permit that and I am quite bullish about the potential opportunities ahead. As always in life we have to make the most of things but we need inspiration, imagination and incisiveness at the very top. Are we going to get it?

And I think I might buy a house in Scotland just in case. I hear Dundee is nice.

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