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A view from the Chair April – Brush Up Your Shakespeare

A view from the Chair April – Brush Up Your Shakespeare

Posted 26-07-2016

Those of you that have been reading this pile of tosh for the last 6 years will know that I am prone to drop in the odd reference to the Bard. This is not a proclivity for which I feel inclined to apologise – anybody that is remembered for their art 400 years after they have shuffled off their mortal coil is due some respect. I am unlikely to be remembered for 400 days, other than by a handful of humourless Scots (forgive the tautology) and HMG’s esteemed collectors of revenue (arrears dept).

Beginning with our May Day frolics there is much to do for everyone in 1066 country and it will be many months before we can say our revels are ended.

Doubtless Shakespeare had in mind our resurrected pier when he wrote ‘sigh no more ladies, sigh no more….one foot in sea and one on shore’. As I drove along the seafront last week I chanced to look left and beheld a sight I had not seen for many a long year – dozens of people milling around on the pier taking in the view.

The official opening is only a couple of weeks away and I love the idea of the open air events lined up in the coming months.  There may be Madness but there is method in it.

And of course it shows that should you perchance to dream of success, and ally that with determination and not a little obstinacy you can achieve your goal (ask William the Conqueror, or perhaps Leicester City).

The only mention of Hastings that I recall from Shakespeare is the Lord of the same name in Richard III, and he came unstuck (well his head did at any rate) when he failed to support the eponymous Tricky Dicky. And of course Leicester triumphed again by sticking the King under a car park for a few centuries, leading to much publicity at his discovery.

Just a thought for our cash-strapped council but it could be a nice little earner if old Harold was mysteriously dug up under, say, Pelham Place car park just in time for the 950th anniversary celebrations.  Or it could be simply implied, and we could see what develops.  It could indeed be a Much Ado about Nothing.

Anyway, until next month when this Sceptred Isle decides its future. In the meantime to see who knows their Coriolanus from their elbow a bottle of English bubbly to the one correctly picking the most references to
Shakespeare above.

Hey Nonny Nonny!

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